• Crawler Cane Harvesting Machine

    Crawler Cane Harvesting Machine

    Our Sugar cane Harvester has a comfortable cab with broad view and air-conditioning, and an intelligent screen to display useful information for operator as well. Sugar cutting machine humanization design makes it be driven easily.

  • Mini Sugarcane Harvester And Leaves Removing Machine

    Mini Sugarcane Harvester And Leaves Removing Machine

    Mini Sugarcane Harvester frame adopts a new generation of patented technology, increasing the space of sugar- cane discharge, which can effectively solve the problem of harvesting clogging under the condition of high yield of sugarcane.

  • Crawler Type Cane Cutting Machine

    Crawler Type Cane Cutting Machine

    Chinese sugar cane harvester is well-designed and manufactured elaborately on whole structure, power matching, hydraulic system etc., which brings the great advantages of high harvesting efficiency, low impurity, stable performance and low operation cost;

  • Sugarcane Cutting Small Machine

    Sugarcane Cutting Small Machine

    With the ability to be attached and detached as needed, the Sugarcane Cutting Small Machine offers farmers the flexibility they need to move quickly between fields and keep their operations running smoothly.

  • mini sugar cane harvester

    mini sugar cane harvester

    Mini sugar cane harvester has strong adaptability to complex fields, good ridge protection effect, adapts to sugarcane with different ratoon postures, adapts to different truck heights, strong power, low fuel consumption, except the miscellaneous effect is good.

  • sugarcane cutting machine price

    sugarcane cutting machine price

    Sugarcane cutting machine price have competitive prices and flexible floating crawler chassis, the left and right tracks can independenty float up and down according to the ground conditions, and the complex fields are highly adaptable, low ground pressure imposed, and the protection effect of the ratoon is good.

  • Harvesting Sugar Cane

    Harvesting Sugar Cane

    Harvesting Sugar Cane the rubber crawler can make it walk in straight and it is easy for operation and maintenance. Sugarcane cutting machine with simple structure, low cost of using, convenient repair and maintenance.

  • Sugar Cane Harvesting Equipment

    Sugar Cane Harvesting Equipment

    Sugar harvester machine with the combination of hydraulic and electronic control keys and the constand speed cruise can alleviate fatigue driving,also improving comfort.

  • Sugar Cane Equipment For Sale

    Sugar Cane Equipment For Sale

    The cut-off sugarcane harvester can simnltaneously complete the sugarcane lifting up,dividing,top and root cutting,feeding,conveying,cutting,separating,fruit unloading and so on,which has advantages of less auxiliary work and high word efficiency.

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