• Sugarcane Leaf Peeling Sugar Cane Harvester Machine

    Sugarcane Leaf Peeling Sugar Cane Harvester Machine

    China JING GONG is a professional and leading manufacturer of Sugarcane Leaf Peeling Sugar Cane Harvester Machine for over 20 years. Our self-propelled sugarcane leaf removing machine is a great device for farmers to remove the sugarcane leaves after harvesting. It can release people from hard physical labor and strip the leaves simultaneously, which is a hot welcome product for sugarcane planters and small factory.Our self-propelled sugarcane cleaning machine working efficiently in sugarcane field, can walk by it self and clean 5-6pcs sugarcane leaves at one time, the wheel gear can be adjusted automatically to suitable for different kinds of sugarcane.

  • Multi-function transfer machine

    Multi-function transfer machine

    Standard Size Heavty Duty Truck Trailer Log Wood Transport Trailer Wood Transport Trailers are designed for the transportation of timber. The safety of the vehicles is high and the stability is high. Timber is a large quantity of goods. The vehicles have a large enough volume to improve the efficiency of each transport. And we designed a tracked chassis to ensure that even in the complex work environment and the dripping of the ground and slopes for efficient work, even in the rainy season can work properly.

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